The vacuum comes to the table – the right tricks that keeps your food good at all times

The theory is: cook food in vacuum-sealed bags at low temperature for a long time, maximizing the flavor of products, while maintaining its size and reducing the risk of contamination. This is a brief definition for technique called sous-vide, which in Portuguese means 'under vacuum'. Already the case, the logic and the care of the method requires much attention of the responsible. For new fans not to panic and still learn every trick is being taught, a course that teaches how and why cook using this feature can be found all over the world. People are more and more interested in buying healthy food and being able to eat well the most.

It all starts when…

It all starts with a lesson on the chemistry of the process. Students know the operation of machinery essential for its implementation. The first part is summed up in preparing food to be cooked. Following, he is taken to a machine that packs the vacuum. Hence happens the "magic": the thermal part comes in with the food still inside the packaging. The device is responsible for heating water at temperatures below 100 ° C, cooking food uniformly without loss of liquid and consequently size.

The packaged product has the advantage of being stored for a longer time than usual, coming to endure up to 90 days in the freezer. But we must be aware of this conservation, because if not packaged correctly, can allow some bacteria to find a more favorable environment for proliferation. So we warn you that no good use with similar techniques without the machine, it will not work and will put at risk consumer health.

Details do matter

Another detail that may seem silly, but it's very important, is the choice of the bag. You should only use only produced in 100% natural nylon which are not transparent. This ensures me that if some piece tear within the machine nothing bad will happen to those who eat the food.

Until the input is completely ready, are a few hours of cooking. The difference, however, lies in the fact that the time spent in food preparation is offset in the mounting plate. The meat may take about two hours to be cooked evenly, but his shot can be made within five minutes on the hot plate. One loses much of the protein, for example, when the preparation is done by common method because it eventually reduces cooking losses. In the case of sous vide, it remains intact, going to the client table with the same amount that was initially weighed.

It means that you should cook and put the food into vacuum sealed bags!